Resin – Beyond the Basics

This course is a collection of video tutorials that is designed for people who are looking for new and exciting ways to get more out of their resin art. 

How to create your own mould out of polystyrene and plastic bin liners

In this video I go into detail on how I created this resin sculpture, using a polystyrene mould and a plastic bin liner. It was my first experiment in creating a mould and with hindsight, it would have been better if I stuck the plastic bin liner down. Having said that, it did turn out quite well.


How to create a dripping resin vase sculpture

A quick video on how I created this Resin Art Sculpture Vase. I will show you how I covered the vase in resin and how I achieved the texture, plus how to make the ‘splash’ sculpture for the vase to sit in.


How to bend curing resin into a wave shape

This video tutorial is all about bending resin into a wave shape. From pouring the resin into a basic rectangle mould and adding the design, to finding the optimum time to move the resin to the shape for curing.


How to Create a Water Splash Resin Sculpture

Today’s video is a step by step process on how I created this resin sculpture. It started out as left over resin from another project (Hot Glue and Resin Geode Tutorial) and developed from there. In this video you will see how I developed the layers, created the base for it to stand and how it was all put together.


How to create your own resin mould out of foam board

Today’s video goes into detail on how I created this resin wall sculpture. From making the moulds for the resin to assembling and adding the d-ring for hanging.


How to bend curing resin into a curve shape

This video is a follow on from the last video where I bent the resin into a wave shape. I wanted to see how the resin looked in a half circle shape and wanted to have a flame design creeping up the sides.


Experimenting with India Ink in Resin

In today’s video I am playing around with neat India Ink dropped into freshly poured resin. I wasn’t sure how the resin would react with ink dropped straight into it and then manipulated through the resin. I have previously played with ink in semi cured resin and achieved nice results.


How to create crushed glass fish and set them in resin

In this week’s video I have experimented with crushed glass and resin. The original plan was to create three fish out of the crushed glass and resin, by making a mould out of 5mm thick foam board and then pouring another slab of resin for the fish to sit on.


Bending resin AFTER it has cured

For this video I am going back to bending resin, only this time, instead of bending it after 8 hours of curing, I am bending it after 16 hours. I often get asked, “When is the best time to bend resin”, so with that in mind, I thought I would go from one extreme to the other and leave it for as long as I think is possible.


How to add dimension to your resin art using Air Dry Clay

This is the first video in the Mixed Media and Resin Series.
For this one, I have used air dry clay to create the sculpture and then embedded it in the resin.


How to create texture and dimension in your resin with multipurpose filler

This is the third video in my Mixed Media and Resin Series. This week I am using Multi Purpose Filler to create the texture and obviously resin for the smooth glassy river.


Add dimension to your resin with potpourri and texture paste

This is the fourth video in my Mixed Media and Resin Series. This week I am using Multi Purpose Filler and Potpourri to create the texture and obviously resin for the smooth glassy finish.


How to create trees in your resin using filler and potpourri

For this piece I was asked to create a ‘Rainforest’, I wasn’t given any other instructions, other than the person liked a beach artwork I had previously created and that they were happy for me to come up with something. So this is what I have come up with.


How I created cascading resin water over wood!

In this video you will see how I create this cascading resin water effect over the sides of a large wooden slab. My first challenge was to deal with the really soft wood. The bark was very soft and flaky and fell off at the slightest touch. My plan was to use resin to bind the flaky wood together and make it stronger to accept the cascading resin.


Sue Findlay

Visual Artist and Designer

Sue Findlay is a visual artist and designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Sue loves push the boundaries of resin and mixed media in order to bring you new and interesting ways to inspire your creativity.