How to create your water splash resin sculpture

Today’s video is a step by step process on how I created this resin sculpture. It started out as left over resin from another project (Hot Glue and Resin Geode Tutorial) and developed from there.

In this video you will see how I developed the layers, created the base for it to stand and how it was all put together.

Materials required for this project:

  • Left over resin (plus additional resin as required)
  • Any colours of your choice (I used
  • Ultramarine Blue Acrylic Paint,
  • Colour Obsession Metallic Teal and
  • Teal Glitter
  • Plastic bags or liners
  • Vase or Wine Bottle to balance the dripping resin
  • Coaster Mould or Cookie Cutter for base
  • Silicone Mat for glueing Cutter (Silicone Baking Mat will do for this)
  • Cups and sticks for mixing

I this video tutorial inspires you to create your own Water Splash Resin Sculpture.

Sue Findlay

Visual Artist and Designer

Sue Findlay is a visual artist and designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Sue loves push the boundaries of resin and mixed media in order to bring you new and interesting ways to inspire your creativity.