Basic Resin Ideas

This course is a collection of video tutorials that is designed for people who are familiar with resin and want to incorporate new ideas into their art.

Create Cells by using the Resin Swipe Technique

This resin artwork started out as a geode design. However, the resin had other ideas. Once I began swiping the resin, some cells began happening and so it took on a new life of its own.


Hot Glue and Resin Geode

Create a quick and easy geode, using hot glue, resin, stones and acrylic gems. I have seen many people ask how they can create a geode and how to stop the resin lines from blending into each other.


Hot Glue and Resin Tree of Life

Create texture and dimension to your resin art using hot glue to create your designs.


Create Dimension in your Resin with the use of Acrylic Gems and India Ink

What do you do when you have overworked a piece and the colours start to blend too much? We have all been there, when you think you have gone too far and spoiled a piece. In this video you will see how I over-blended the colours and how I turned a plain and boring piece into an interesting (well I think so) piece.


Quick and Simple Design using Hot Glue and Resin.

A quick and simple hot glue and resin abstract tutorial, showing how I use hot glue to create the design and shape and then add resin for a high gloss finish.


Incorporating Crushed Glass into your Resin

This video started out as an experiment using crushed glass from Ikea, in the resin. If you are familiar with my previous videos, you will know that I normally like to use acrylic gems (decoration fillers) in the shape of diamonds as texture in my resin pieces. So for this video I thought I would try out an alternative.


Create Movement in your Resin by Blowing It.

Learn how to create movement by blowing the resin and dragging sticks through the curing resin.


Add Texture to your Resin Art with Homemade Texture Paste.

Learn how to create your own texture paste and add it to your resin art.


Add reflective texture to your Resin using Foil.

In this video we explore the use of regular household foil and resin. I have discovered that experimenting with foil and transparent resin, you get a nice water effect.


Create Resin Geode Style Christmas Decorations

In this video I have created some DIY geode resin Christmas Decorations. I go through the process on how I created the moulds, the texture around the edge and other materials used to create this simple Christmas decoration.


Create interesting effects with Resin, Spray Paint and Mineral Turpentine

In the video you will see how I used spray paint to mark out the basic layout and how I poured the colours in lines for the design. Once all colours were poured, I used Mineral Turpentine to create movement between the colours, helping them to blend.


What to do with left over resin? - Make India Ink Pendants!

There are a number of things you can do, today, however, I am focussing on using pendant moulds. Having these moulds handy is a great way to use up left over resin.


Create texture in your resin with multipurpose filler

For this project we are using multipurpose filler to create the pattern. Glitter pigment was used to highlight the raised areas and to add depth and a black metallic pigment was used to the crevices to create deeper shadows.


Finding the right time to move resin

For this piece I delayed moving the resin for 1 hour after pouring, the reason being, I wanted as little movement as possible between colours, leaving the vibrancy of the colours to show up.


Creating Flow across three (triptych) panels

The video shows how to create a dam around each panel and then how to secure them together so that the resin doesn’t run between the panels and cause them to stick together.


Sue Findlay

Visual Artist and Designer

Sue Findlay is a visual artist and designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Sue loves push the boundaries of resin and mixed media in order to bring you new and interesting ways to inspire your creativity.