Create Cells by using the Resin Swipe Technique

This resin artwork started out as a geode design. However, the resin had other ideas. Once I began swiping the resin, some cells began happening and so it took on a new life of its own.

Going with the flow, I ended up with what looks like a Whale breaching out of the water. I have to say, I am very happy with the result.

Materials used for this project:

  • Resin – U Resin
  • MDF board
  • Silver Spray Paint – White Knight
  • Super Chrome
  • Bombay Ink – Turquoise
  • Art Spectrum – White Ink
  • Decoration Fillers – Acrylic Gems

I hope you enjoy this video and it gives you inspiration to create something similar.

Sue Findlay

Visual Artist and Designer

Sue Findlay is a visual artist and designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Sue loves push the boundaries of resin and mixed media in order to bring you new and interesting ways to inspire your creativity.