Create interesting effects with Resin, Spray Paint and Mineral Turpentine

In the video you will see how I used spray paint to mark out the basic layout and how I poured the colours in lines for the design. Once all colours were poured, I used Mineral Turpentine to create movement between the colours, helping them to blend.

Materials used:

  • MDF board 90 x 60 x 1.2cm
  • Crushed Glass from Ikea
  • Resin from U Resin
  • White Knight – Super Gold Spray Paint
  • White Knight – Super Chrome Spray Paint
  • White Knight – Squirts Paint and Prime White Gloss Spray Paint
  • Artisue Powder Pigments – Black
  • Diggers – Mineral Turpentine
  • Heat Gun to pop bubbles

I hope you enjoy this video and it gives you ideas on how to add a bit of interesting effects and movement in your resin.

Sue Findlay

Visual Artist and Designer

Sue Findlay is a visual artist and designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Sue loves push the boundaries of resin and mixed media in order to bring you new and interesting ways to inspire your creativity.