For this project we are going to create a monochromatic resin art. 

I love to see what resin can do and how far I can push it. This artwork was created using black, white and silver spray paint. The stones are crushed glass.

To start, first mark out where you want your crushed glass or stones to go. I used silver spray paint, I used a colour that I wanted to shine through the glass, silver spray paint works well to add shimmer to the glass.

Next pour some clear resin along the silver spray paint (once the paint is dry of course). You don’t need to go to the edge of the colour, as it will spread when you add the glass.

Next comes the glass, pour plenty in a pile along the resin, the more the better. The press it into the resin with your stick. Add more where you think it needs more.

Once you are happy with the glass, now its time to begin adding the lines. Starting from the glass I used black to add definition to the glass.

Moving outwards, continue to add coloured resin in contrasting colours. For instance, go from light to dark and vice versa. Leave a bit of a gap when pouring to allow it to spread slightly. You can fill the gaps after you pour with your stick.

Keep going until you have covered your board and make sure you have no holes in the resin. Although, it is not too important, because we are going to work with it next.

Now that your board is covered with the resin, dip a clean stick in some Mineral Turpentine and then drag it across the edges of the lines and watch the magic happen. Continue to do this until you have created your desired effect.

To finish off, dip another stick in some silver or white spray paint and add extra highlights. Silver spray paint is wonderful for adding extra shine to your piece.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to create your own version.