This was my very first resin video. I had been creating resin art for sometime now and was constantly being asked how I created my art. So decided to film the process. Initially, this video was only available to anyone who was a paying member of my Patreon account. Now that I have closed my Patreon account, I am making this video available to anyone to wants to watch it. I hope you get some enjoyment from it.

In this video I go into detail on how I created this resin sculpture, using a DIY polystyrene mould and a plastic bin liner. It was my first experiment in creating a mould and with hindsight, it would have been better if I stuck the plastic bin liner down. Having said that, it did turn out quite well.

Materials required:

  • Polystyrene Panel (old packaging will do)
  • Plastic Bin Liner
  • Colour to tint resin (inks, paints or pigments will do)
  • Stones or gems for decoration
  • D-Rings for hanging (optional)

I hope this resin sculpture tutorial inspires your creativity.