This is a follow on from my previous video, using the handmade resin leaves from the last project, I have incorporated them into a new resin art. I have also incorporated some of the mica flakes I was given by Colour Arte.

To make the leaves, you first pour a layer of resin on to some plastic, for this I used cellophane because it doesn’t wrinkle too easily. Remember not all resins are created equally, so always check that your resin won’t stick to the plastic before you begin this project. When semi-cured (still sticky) and using plastic cookie cutters, make your indentations in the resin and then leave to cure until it is no longer sticky. Once you can handle the resin without leaving fingerprints, you can now trim the leaves out. Whilst still quite bendy, bend the leaves into random shapes and hold in place with sellotape. Leave to cure for at least 3 days.

In the meantime, using either a paring knife or your nails, start splitting the mica flakes into thinner pieces. Your mica flakes will go further if you take the time to do this.

Once you have everything ready to go and your board has been prepped, you can now mix your resin and add the elements to the board.

Link to the previous video on how I created the leaves –

For this project I used:

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