If you remember from one of my earlier videos where I recycled old DVDs and had some leftover foil. In this video, I use that foil to create a lovely chunky, sparkly texture.

My initial plan was to create an Aqua and Blue piece, however, I changed my mind when I saw how the purple colour from the DVD casing, was coming out of the foil and tinting the resin. 

I had many people contact me after my last video, saying that they couldn’t get the purple DVDs or that their foil wouldn’t come off the disks. The point of the video was to give you ideas for recycling your old DVDs or CDs, it doesn’t matter if they are not the same as mine. Working with what you already have, gives your art a unique look when finished.

To finish this one off, I used three mirrors that I purchased from my local discount shop.

Materials used for this project included:

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