In this video, I am testing Counter Culture DIY Resin. This resin was very kindly sent to me here in Australia from the US. I haven’t been sponsored for this video and am not receiving any payments for the content.

This video review is my honest opinions on the resin and the epoxy pigment that I was asked to try.

Counter Culture DIY resin is a beautiful clear resin. The consistency is a little thicker than I am used to using, and as a result, I needed to use a bit more than usual to cover the board. The movement and flow were very slow, although, this resin would be an excellent resin for creating geodes, especially, when you don’t want colours to run into each other.

*Note, Counter Culture DIY do have a thinner resin available.

The liquid pigments were very nice, and I found you didn’t need a lot to tint the resin. I prefer to use metallic pigments on ocean scenes, however, I think these pigments will be fabulous for creating resin bowls and sculptures, due to the transparency of the pigments.

I wasn’t able to get any of the white epoxy pigment out of the little bottle, so I will destruct it to get to the contents and see if I can salvage any. So instead of using the white pigment, I opted for my usual Le Rez Angel White Pigment Paste.

I had to use quite a bit of heat to create the cells and lacing in the white resin, this is because the resin is so thick and doesn’t move very easily. On a plus note, when it did finally move, I was able to get really nice effects in the resin, and this is due to the resin being quite thick. So definitely a plus!

In my next video tutorial, I am going to experiment with creating a resin dish to compliment this piece. Let’s see how it stands up to being bent and shaped.

The products used in this video include:

  • 1 x 90 x 50 cm MDF panel
  • Counter Culture DIY resin:
  • Aquamarine Dispersion Colour:
  • Cobalt Dispersion Colour:
  • Sand Dispersion Colour:
  • Le Rez Expressions Epoxy Pigment Paste – Angel White:


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