Like a lot of my other freeform resin bowls and sculptures, I take my inspiration from glass. I love how light passes through and bounces off the glass.

For this project, I performed my usual pouring of resin on to plastic, only for this one I used cling film or cling wrap, instead of cellophane. This was to allow for a more controlled bending process. Cellophone produces nice results, however, it doesn’t bend very well.

Products used for this project include:
U-Resin Standard UV
India Ink – Blue and Turquoise*
e Rez Expressions Epoxy Pigment Paste – Angel White
Acrylic Diamonds*
A Round Vase for shaping
Cling Wrap
Oval Plastic Serving Trays

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First, we start by laying two oval serving trays upside down. We do this because of the small lip on the bottom and the gentle curve to the centre. This allows for a thicker pour in the middle and prevents the resin from spreading too far.

After the trays have been covered with cling wrap, it is now time to pour the resin. Using a stick, gently move the resin until you have the desired design.

Using a small amount of the white resin, mix it with some of the acrylic diamonds. Make sure they are fully coated and add them to the outside of the flat resin. Also add some clear diamonds on top, to give the look of water droplets.

Leave the resin to cure until it is no longer sticky. The perfect time is when you can still see fingerprints. Note, use one of the stirring sticks to test the resin for stickiness. Move it to your shape for moulding. I am using a round vase for this project.

The next day it is now time to remove the vase in the centre. You may need to apply a little heat to help with the removal. The heat allows you to move the resin just enough.

Finally, remove all of the cling wraps and you have your finished freeform resin bowl.

I hope this video has sparked your creativity and has inspired you to create your own ocean-inspired Resin Trinket Bowl.

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