This is the fifth project in my Mixed Media and Resin Series. For this one we explore the use of regular household foil and resin. I have discovered that experimenting with foil and transparent resin, you get a nice water effect. It seems like the background is shimmering like water.

Materials used in this project, you can use similar items, anything you already have in your home.
Masonite Board 45 x 60 cm (Any board will do, just make sure it is not warped)
Colours: I used to tint the resin, you can use acrylic paint, ink or whatever you have on hand.
Always remember to use less than 10% in your resin.
Colour Obsession Paste – Stormy Seas (small amount to just tint the resin)
Colour Obsession Paste – Turquoise
A1 Pigments – Crystal Series – Flashing White (add to each of the above colours to give a metallic shimmer to the resin)
U Resin Standard UV
Decorative Gems – Diamond Shape (Glass or stones works equally as well)


First lay out your surface, make sure it is raised up, so the resin runs off. You can tape the back, I didn’t on this project because tape doesn’t stick to well on Masonite Board.

Next apply a thin layer of resin, this acts like glue and works well to stick the foil to the board.

Apply the foil to the board. I scrunched it up a bit before applying so that it had some nice ripples and texture.

Next apply tinted resin to the foil, pour it how you want your shape to flow. As you can see, I chose to create a wave shape.

Then, add your foil elements. These were created by rolling long lengths of foil and then scrunching them slightly to create added texture. Foil can easily be bent into shape.

Now to add more resin to your foil. For this bit you only want to add a small amount of colour to the resin because you want it to be transparent. That way the foil will shine through the resin and give the impression of light shimmering on water.

To make sure your strips of foil are adhered properly, add more resin over the top, in the same colour as underneath. Then use your fingers to spread it along the length of the strips.

Now for the fun part (well I think so), adding the accents. For this I am using Acrylic Gems, or decoration fillers as they also known. You can use glass, stones or anything else you have to hand.

Leave to cure overnight and then trim off the excess foil. It will trim really easily now that it is fully stuck to the board. And there you have a really interesting piece of art.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to create your own version.