This is the fourth project in the Mixed Media and Resin Series. For this one I am using Multi Purpose Filler and Potpourri to create the texture and obviously resin for the smooth glassy finish.

Materials used for this project are:
Viking Multi Purpose Filler (any brand of filler will do)
Pot Pourri
Black Acrylic Paint
Spatula or Knife to spread the filler
U Resin Standard UV
Colours: You can use any you already have, just remember to use less than 10% in your resin
Obsession Paste – Pillar Box Red
A1 Pigments – Crystal Series – Red Crystal
A1 Pigments – Crystal Series – Flashing White

For this project I started out with a wooden placemat from Kmart, although, any wooden board will do. Using a spatula, I began applying the ready-made filler paste to the board.

Once you are happy with the design, leave it to dry overnight. Once dry, it was spray painted with a 2 in 1 black paint and primer. This will seal the wood and the filler.

Once dry, about 30 mins, we then move on to applying the resin. For this we apply a thin layer of resin and spread it about over the board. Make sure you cover the tree also.

Now we blot off most of the resin from the tree, this is to expose the black background. You still want to see some of the red, as it shows off the texture.

For this next stage we add the lighter colour resin. Apply is close to the trunk and branches of the tree, you want to give it a glowing effect.

Keep adding more of the lighter resin close to the tree and drag the stick our horizontally, to give a nice wispy effect come out from the tree.

Now on to the fun part, adding your texture, in the form of potpourri. First coat your potpourri in resin, I used a silcone cake mould, poured a small amount of clear resin, then mixed the potpourri in the mixture. Using your hand, place the items where you want them to sit.

Keep adding more potpourri until you have the desired result. I also added some to the base of the tree, to give it balance. I am sure you will agree it looks quite effective.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to create your own version.