This is another bending/moulding resin video. Only this time, instead of using thin plastic bags or baking paper, I am using a thicker glossy cellophane bag. I am using this for two reasons, the first is to test the finish with using a gloss surface and to see how it conforms when draped over a glass vase. I love the results!

This is a very quick and simple technique that produces fantastic results and is definitely worth giving it a go.

Products used for this project:
Cellophane Bag*
Resin from U-Resin
Le Rez Expressions – Warm Magenta Pigment
Le Rez Expressions – Deep Purple Pigment
Le Rez Expressions – Angel White Paste
Le Rez Expressions Powder Pigments are now available to purchase on my website
Acrylic Diamonds*
Vase (to drape the resin over)
Heat Gun or Blow Torch for bursting bubbles

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First, we start by pouring the resin on to plastic, I am using cellophane bags that I already had in stock.

Using a little bit of mineral turpentine on the stick, I then moved it around to mix it up slightly. Don’t go mad at this stage, as you don’t want to muddy the colours.

Then add acrylic diamonds or crushed glass to the outer edges of the resin. Don’t add any to the centre, as it will make your dish unsteady.

Leave to cure until you can touch the resin, however, it is still bendy. Times will vary depending on your resin. Then move it to a vase or something similar. You may need the help of someone to move it to the vase.

Next, cover the first layer with another sheet of plastic before moving the other layer on top. Again, you may need some help transferring it across.

Leave it to cure over night before removing from the vase. Remove all plastic and pour a very small amount of resin to the bottom layer and using your gloved hand, coat the inside edges with the resin.

Finally, insert the top layer and leave to cure for further 24 hours.

I hope this video has sparked your creativity and has inspired you to create your own Resin Trinket Dish.

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