For this project, I was asked to create a freeform textured geode, so following on from my previous video, I decided to include foil in the centre.

To create the shape, I drew out a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look, being mindful that the recipient wanted it to be 90 cm wide. Using a jigsaw, I cut out the shape. For the textured edge, I used multi-purpose filler, although, you can use a wood filler or texture paste. For a nice smooth surface, make sure you scrape any excess from the surface of the board. Otherwise, you could end up with lumps and bumps on the outer edge.

Next, apply the foil to the board using PVA glue (wood glue) or any similar glue and leave to dry overnight. Once dry, you can trim any excess foil off. For the faux stones around the inner edge, I used acrylic diamonds and shapes and glued them in place using a small amount of resin. Again, this was left to cure overnight before moving on to the priming the board.

Now that the crystal edge is done, it is time to resin the rest of the board. For the raised edge around the edge of the foil, I again, used acrylic diamonds, only this time the resin was tinted with a touch of India Ink, the same colour was used for colouring the foil. You need to make sure your resin is transparent​ so that you can see the foil through it, this is where India Ink comes in handy. You only need a tiny amount to colour the resin.

For the outer edge, the resin was poured in lines around the foil and then using mineral turpentine and a bit of heat, the effects were created.

To finish this piece off, I will add a three-sided frame to the back, to not only give it strength but to make it look like the board is floating on the wall.

Materials used for this project:

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