For this project, I used ropes and a plastic bag to create a freeform shape. Next, I poured the resin into the shape and then added the round glass pebbles around the centre and acrylic diamonds to the outer edge. I gently added resin to bring the level up to the top of the rope, so that it doesn’t overflow and has a thickness of around 8mm.

It was then left to cure overnight. The next day, I removed the rope and plastic and got to work on the next layer. First, I mixed a small amount of resin and added it to the acrylic shapes, making sure they were fully covered. Note, don’t use too much resin, because you don’t want to have a pool of resin in the centre of the geode.

These were then placed around the centre ring, making sure that each piece was touching the other pieces. When cured, you can flip it over and add some smaller pieces using the same method, to make sure they are fully secure. I also placed the acrylic shapes around the outer edge, to give the piece height and extra dimension.

Again, it was left to cure overnight. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the camera when working on the back. For this side, I simply added a very thin layer of resin and left it to cure for an hour before placing the D-Rings on the back. To make sure they were fully secure, I also screwed the D-Rings in place. It was then left to cure overnight before adding the hanging cord.

Now you have a freeform shape without the use of silicone or expensive moulds.

To replicate this project, you will need:

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