In this video I show you how super easy it is to create an Epoxy Resin Beach, complete with real sand and shells. I will show you how you too, can achieve the white surf.

The inspiration for these two beach pieces, came from sitting on the beach with my family. I wanted to give them a little something to remind them of their trip from the UK to Australia. By using real Western Australian sand, not only do they have something to remind them of their trip, they have a bit of Australia in their home.

For this project I used the following items:

  • Placemat from Kmart (Australia)
  • Sand for the shores of Western Australia
  • Resin from U Resin
  • Colour Obsession Pigment – Teal
  • Artisue Pigment – Jade
  • Artisue Pigment – Sapphire
  • Le Rez Expressions – Angel White
  • Shells

Firstly, I painted the board white to give it a good clean surface to help the colours stand out. Once dry (I waited a few days), I began by mixing the sand with a touch of resin.

Making sure I had covered the sand with enough resin, I then poured it directly on to the board and using a stick, I spread it about to cover the bottom portion of the board.

Next I mixed enough resin for two boards (I had two on the go) and separated it into three cups and added colour pigments, Jade, Teal and Sapphire Blue into each of the cups. Starting with the lightest colour, I poured the resin on to the boards, then gently blended them with my fingers to give a ripple effect.

Once both boards were covered, I then mixed a smaller batch of clear resin and following the shape of the waves, I poured the clear resin in lines, being careful not to over do the clear resin.

Using a small amount, I poured the white tinted resin over the clear resin lines and using my heat gun, blew it in the direction of the sand.

By using clear resin first, it prevents the white from mixing with the blue layers and keeps it apart. It also allows the sand to show through for a nice effect.

Finally, a selection of shells were added for a bit of interest.

I hope this video has sparked your creativity and has inspired you to create your own Epoxy Resin Beach Art, complete with real sand.