One of the many questions I get asked, is how do I stop my colours running into each other?

There are many methods that resin artists use, some like to pour in stages, letting some areas cure before moving on to the next. Others will use thick resins that hold their shape more. I have also seen others add lots of glitters to make it into a paste to pour the lines, and some will even let their resin sit until it begins to thicken before pouring.

In this video, I am going to show you how I used gel medium to create a barrier before pouring the resin. Gel medium can be coloured, painted and dries to a lovely glossy finish. Providing you use the gloss version of course.

I applied the gel medium with a spatula, however, for more even and consistent lines, you can place it in a squeezy bottle and use it that way. Whichever method you adopt, the finished result is still spectacular.

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