15 Ways to inspire your creativity!

As an artist who loves to share what I am creating, I have to develop new ideas constantly. A friend recently asked me how I come up with my new ideas and where I find inspiration?

There is no quick answer for where the inspiration comes from; quite often, the ideas evolve from what I am already working on. I usually have several ideas in my head; the biggest problem I have is finding the time to create them all.

There are occasions where I do need to go off and find inspiration, so here are my tips on what I do to spark creativity.

1. Create every day

As I mentioned, my ideas evolve from things I am already working on. So by creating something every day, you are sparking your creativity. 

2. Doodle

If you haven’t already started creating every day, then begin doodling, allow your mind to wander and doodle without thinking, see what starts to take shape. I have a Jot Journal that I use for doodling and spontaneously writing. Nothing in the journal needs to make sense; it can be a series of random doodles and words. You could use the random words as a prompt to create your art.

3. Turn on your favourite music

How does it make you feel? What inspiration do you get from it? Let your mind drift along and see what images it conjures up.

4. Try something new

I find experimenting with different mediums helps to get my imagination going. Jot down as many other things that you can create using your new medium. Look for ways to incorporate into what you already like doing.

5. Create a theme

Write down as many different ideas as possible using the same theme. Perhaps look at creating wall art and sculpture using the same theme.

6. Take lots of photos

Thanks to today’s mobile technology, we can capture images wherever we go. If you see something you like, photograph it. You can’t beat using your reference photos to create new art.

7. Use Pinterest

Save pins of all the art and things that you like. Create boards of topics that you enjoy; you can come back anytime to seek inspiration for your next project.

8. Chat to other artists

Talking to like-minded individuals can help spark your creativity. Ask them what they do to get inspiration.

9. Participate in an art challenge

Challenges are fantastic to get the mind focused. They often have a time limit, and so you have to get on with it and not get bogged down with the process. 

10. Use art prompts

You can find many arts prompts online. However, just like an art challenge, set yourself a time limit to free your mind up and make you get on with it.

11. Enrol in a class

Pick something you have never done before.

12. Re-purpose items

Turn items into a new sculpture or wall art. I like the challenge of giving an old item a new look. For instance, I have a fan that has just died, and I plan to turn it into a planter. I don’t know how I will do it, but I know I will enjoy the process.

13. Get in touch with nature

Take an art journal or camera and start capturing images of your journey. Make notes of the things you find inspiring.

14. Don’t strive for perfection

Nothing in this life is perfect, and your art doesn’t need to be either. I often see people worrying over a speck of dust in their resin art and stressing over it not being perfect. Imperfections are what makes your piece unique; it shows that it is handmade and hasn’t been mass-produced in a factory. More often than not, the person viewing the art will never even notice.

15. Finally, don’t compare yourself to others

We are all at different stages of our journey. Many artists have been mastering their art for years. That doesn’t mean that your art is any less important than theirs. Art is subjective, and it is about you and your journey. How does your art make you feel?

What is inspiring me at the moment?

I am loving the idea of experimenting with cement. I plan to create as many different things using cement as possible, from the usual ideas like planters to wall art and sculptures. I have no idea how I will do it, but I know I will enjoy the process.

Inspirational Ideas

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