As promised, here is the link to Colour Arte, that was very kind in sending me the Mica flakes and pigment powders to try out: Thank you, Leslie Ohnstad, for sending the samples.

This is a fun project to do. I managed to get hold of some inexpensive butterfly lights at my local Reject Shop. They are battery operated LED lights, so ideal for this project.

I used an off-cut of MDF that I had in the garage from another project and was ideal for this project. Following the current theme of using foil, this piece was no exception and the board was covered in foil.

The resin leaves were created by hand, using a leaf cutter, used for cake decorating or in my case, for use with polymer clay. The shape was stamped into the poured resin (on plastic) when semi-cured and left to cure further overnight. The next day, each leaf was individually cut using scissors and bent into random shapes and held in place with sellotape. These were then left to cure for another couple of days.

Next, I positioned the butterflies up the length of the board and secured them with staples. Making sure not to damage the wires when fastening to the board. To cover the wires, I mixed some Acrylic Diamonds with a touch of clear resin and spooned them on, making sure none of the wires were visible. To help disguise the flow of the wires, the diamonds were also placed around the butterflies. This also helped with the position of the resin leaves.

Finally, I cut two blocks of wood, just big enough to position the light switch behind the board and glued them to the back using Tarzan Extra Strength Glue. The back was then painted white using a wood primer to finish it off.

Materials used in this project:

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