This video is a follow on from my previous video where I created a crushed glass and resin mirror. For this project I wanted to incorporate mirrors again, however, I wanted to include more colour in the resin.

Adding mirrors to your resin design can create a dramatic effect, as it bounces light around the room and depending on the time of day, you get different moods happening. I love using mirrors, as it can turn an ordinary resin artwork into something special.

For this project I used the following items:

  • 60cm MDF Cradle Board
  • 600mls of Resin from U Resin
  • Different size mirrors*
  • Diamond Gems/Confetti*
  • Artisue Pigment – Black
  • Artisue Pigment – Lime
  • Artisue Pigment – Emerald
  • Le Rez Paste – Angel White
  • Le Rez Paste – Molten Gold

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First, the board was primed with two coats of primer (front and back) and painted green on the front. This was to make sure the sides had a nice even coverage and to allow the green to show through when adding the acrylic diamonds.

Once dry, I then poured the resin in the desired shape.

Once the resin was poured, I used the heat gun to move the resin around, still keeping the original shape.

Once I was happy with the design, I then applied the mirrors to the wet resin. When cured, the resin will create a strong bond to the mirrors, so there is no need to glue the mirrors first.

Finally, acrylic diamonds were applied around the mirrors to help finish of the design and help anchor them into the resin. So that they don’t look like an after thought.

Once cured the back was tidied up using a heat gun and wood chisel and D-rings were attached for easy hanging.

I hope this video has sparked your creativity and has inspired you to create your own Resin art incorporating mirrors.

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