In this video I will be giving my main living area a whole new look by installing a glamorous crushed glass and resin mirror.

The main living area of my home is situated in the centre of my house. On a dull day, very little light comes into the room and I end up having to put lights on. So I came up with the idea to put a mirror up to help bounce light around the room.

So for this project I used:

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First, the board was primed with two coats of primer (front and back) and painted silver on the front. 

Once dry, I poured a thin layer of resin and laid the mirrors into the resin.

Next I added crushed glass to the resin around the mirors.

Whilst still curing, I then spray a metallic gold spray paint into a cup and using a stick, drizzled it around the edge of the mirror.

Once cured, the mirrors were cleaned up by heating the excess resin with a heat gun and using a sharp knife, was removed from the glass.

Finally, a frame was attached to the back to stop the board from warping and to give it added strength. It also doubles up as a nice feature to give the impression that the mirror is floating on the wall.

Heavy duty D-rings were also added to the frame, so that the mirror lies hard up to the wall.

I hope this video has sparked your creativity and has inspired you to create your own Crushed Glass and Resin Mirror.

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