What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a short powerful statement. It is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment and helps give you a positive mental attitude.

Why do artists and creatives need to use affirmations?

As artists, we have a tendency to allow self-doubt to creep in. We often doubt our abilities as an artist and worry that others will not find our work to be worthy.

I have heard many an artist say they can’t sell their work for what it is worth or that they are not a professional artist. Many believe the mindset of the starving artist syndrome and come from a place of lack.

How do you change the mindset of artists?

You change your mindset by thinking positively about your artist’s practice.

“Did you know, 80% of your sub-conscience thoughts are negative thoughts?”

In order to change our way of thinking, we need to create a daily affirmation.

How do I create a daily affirmation?

Each day write down or say aloud a positive statement about your art practice. It needs to created with the intent of being positive, motivating and thought-provoking.

  • You need to state it as truth and believe it.
  • Make it in the present tense, for instance, I am a thriving artist and not, I will be a thriving artist.
  • Speak it as it has already happened
  • Don’t use any negative words
  • Keep it brief and simple
  • Make it specific to you and your practice

How do I use the affirmations?

You need to make a connection with your daily affirmations.

You can make the connection by

  • writing it down and carrying it with you during the day
  • place it next to the piece you are working on
  • refer to it every time you will negative thoughts creeping in
  • place it next to your bed or under your pillow and read it several times before going to sleep
  • doodle while thinking of the affirmation, doodles help connect with the sub-conscience mind

To help you get started, I have made a list of 92 creative affirmations. Pick any that resonate with you and tweak it to suit you.

Creative Affirmations

  1. I create from a place of abundance and joy
  2. There are no mistakes in my art, only happy accidents
  3. My creative ideas flow effortlessly
  4. I always have to get creative
  5. Anything I can imagine, I can create
  6. My divine creativity knows no limits
  7. My creative practice supports me in all that I need
  8. I have an infinite pool of creative ideas
  9. I am buzzing with new and exciting ideas
  10. I was born to live a creative life
  11. I am a talented artist
  12. I celebrate my infinite creativity
  13. I am always inspired
  14. I am destined to create great things
  15. I was born to create
  16. I inspire others with my creativity
  17. I have unlimited creative ideas
  18. I find inspiration everywhere
  19. I am free to pursue my passion
  20. I see only beauty and wonder around me
  21. My creativity connects me with the world
  22. My ideas are unique and inspiring
  23. I solve problems with ease
  24. I value my creativity
  25. I am a creator of new ideas
  26. I am at my best when I get out of my comfort zone
  27. I am connected to my creative inner child
  28. I trust my inner creative guide
  29. I am in my happy place
  30. I am grateful for my creative gift
  31. My art is divinely guided
  32. I am innovative, creative and passionate
  33. I love sharing my creativity with others
  34. I am the creator of my life
  35. Magic happens when I am being creative
  36. I release the need to be perfect
  37. I am a thriving artist
  38. I have an abundance of ideas
  39. I love exploring my creative talents
  40. My creative skills improve daily
  41. Being creative fills me with joy
  42. I am an abundant artist
  43. I am not intimidated by success
  44. I welcome success
  45. My art is worthy
  46. Creating heals my soul
  47. I find it easy to share my art
  48. I am thankful for the gift of free expression
  49. I am prosperous and living the life of my dreams
  50. Every day I attract abundance
  51. I know what needs to be done and do it
  52. I am born to do great things
  53. I bring joy to the world
  54. The world wants more of what I have to offer
  55. Creating wonderful art is my calling
  56. I come from a place of positivity
  57. I can easily tap into my creative energy
  58. I have a positive mindset
  59. I can do anything I set my mind to
  60. I have a successful art career
  61. I let my imagination run wild
  62. I give myself permission to be creative
  63. I am a creative thinker
  64. There are no limits to my creativity
  65. My mind is free and open
  66. I create with ease
  67. I push through my fears
  68. I make things happen
  69. Energy flows through my every being
  70. I choose to create
  71. Creativity is my birthright
  72. I have a stream of creativity supporting my dreams
  73. I trust that what I focus on will grow
  74. I surround myself with like-minded creatives
  75. Creativity heals my soul
  76. The universe works fast when I am having fun
  77. I have all I need to be creative
  78. My creativity lights up the world
  79. My art is divinely guided
  80. I am an abundant artist.
  81. I have an abundant art career
  82. I always come up with new ideas easily.
  83. I am not intimidated by success.
  84. I deserve to make lots of money from my art
  85. With each art sale, selling my artwork becomes easier.
  86. I can talk easily about my art.
  87. My confidence is getting better the more I talk about my art
  88. Talking about my art comes naturally and flows from me.
  89. I always welcome criticism
  90. I love creating art
  91. I am enjoying the process of selling my art
  92. Reading and writing positive affirmations help achieve my goals.

I hope this list helps to shift your mindset and create the life of your dreams.