Quite often I am asked, what should I do with left over resin?

There are a number of things you can do, today, however, I am focussing on using pendant moulds. Having these moulds handy is a great way to use up left over resin. Usually, the amount you have left is not enough to create a new project and you don’t want to mix more in order to start a new project.

For this design, you will need clear resin, pour it directly in the mould, making sure you fill it to the top and then colour them with ink, using a cocktail stick. Using the stick, swirl it about a bit to tint the resin and add more until you are happy with the colour and design.

Leave it to cure overnight and there you have it, quick and simple pendants from left over resin.

What you will need for this project:

  • Left over clear resin, although, you can pour any coloured resin into your mould
  • India Ink or Alcohol Ink or watercolour paint (liquid form)
  • Pendant mould or any mould you have in stock
  • Leave to cure and that’s it, a simple way to use your left over resin
  • Cocktail stick for mixing.

I hope you enjoyed this video and it gives you inspiration to create something similar.