In this video, you will see how I create this cascading resin water effect over the sides of a large wooden slab.

My first challenge was to deal with the really softwood. The bark was very soft and flaky and fell off at the slightest touch. My plan was to use resin to bind the flaky wood together and make it stronger to accept the cascading resin.

Like a lot of my other projects, I start out with a basic idea of how I want it to look when finished, however, my plans can change very quickly when I see that it is either not going to work, or I think of a better idea. You will see that I change mind my mind as we move through the video.

The next challenge was on how to create the thick resin drips. For this, I poured the resin on to plastic first and let it sit for about 1-2 hours. I could see that it was still tacky before transferring it to the slice.

There are quite a few things I would differently next time, just as well, as I have three more wooden slabs to work on.

Materials used in this project include:

  • Large wood slice, complete with thick bark
  • Diamond Gems/Confetti Diamonds*
  • Resin from U Resin
  • Artisue Powder Pigments – Jade
  • Artisue Powder Pigments – Sapphire
  • Artisue Powder Pigments – Sparkle White, mixed with a touch of Art Spectrum – Titanium White Ink

Plus to tint the gems for the sides:

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I hope this video has inspired you to create your own cascading resin water effect.