We are experiencing scorching weather in Australia, and as such, I am not able to get in my garage to create my resin tutorials. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a short video on what I do to build an audience on my social media channels and drive traffic to my website.

I already have a website set up with a blog. However, you could use the same principle with your Etsy or Shopify shop. You would just leave out the blog post.

I find a video to be the most powerful tool to gain followers and to drive traffic to my website. So here are the steps I follow once I have created a video tutorial.

1) Upload it to Youtube – This goes without saying, the best way to build a following is to create video and place it on YouTube. You can link your videos to your website and include links in the description of the video.

2) Create a blog post – Once my video is made public on Youtube (after my newsletter subscribers have seen the video), I create a blog post on my website. Here you can view the video, find links for supplies used in my videos. Some of which are available to buy from me, the rest can be sourced via Amazon. Also, the final artwork featured in the video will be uploaded for sale.

3) Share the blog post in my Facebook Group – I currently have 19k members in the Facebook Group, many of whom are waiting for the next video tutorial to be added. This group is a ‘Learning Group’ meaning, there is a Units area, making it easy for the members to find the videos.

4) Make a time-lapse video of your tutorial and upload to Instagram – For me, this was the biggest game-changer for building a following on Instagram. Once I started adding the time-lapse videos of less than a minute, my followers increased by over 4000 people in just one month. While I don’t get a lot of business from Instagram, this part was crucial for the next step in what I do to drive traffic, and that is to then use this video (square version) for Pinterest.

5) Finally, upload the time-lapse video to Pinterest – By saving the video as a square in Instagram, it instantly looks more appealing on Pinterest, due to the layout of the pins. Once uploaded, I then link it to the blog post I created on my website. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a blog, you can use this same method to create a link for your product on Etsy, Shopify, or any other selling platform you are using. 

Since following these steps, I have seen my following increase quite dramatically, on all of my social media platforms. With the best performing being Pinterest. I went from 50k monthly unique views to 2.3 million in just 4 short months. My following has gone from only 250 to 18k. The best bit is that I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to my website, and I am currently sending artwork and products all over the globe.

I hope this quick video helps with you growing your social media channels and ultimately, help to drive traffic to your art shop.

The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Resin Art Techniques
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*Sales from this guide also go towards funding my YouTube resin tutorials.
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I hope you enjoyed this video and it has given you some insight into how you can grow your following and increase the traffic to your shop.