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Resin Art – New Constellation


Resin Art on a cradled wood board.
60 cm diameter
Colours: Silver, Gold, Black and White

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Resin artwork designed and created by Sue Findlay.

Resin art is a high gloss finished piece of art that looks almost like glass. Each piece is created by hand and is completely unique and original. For depth and texture, gems and glitter have been added to the piece, giving it a touch of sparkle that bounces light around the room.

Title: New Constellation
Material: Cradled Wood Panel
60 cm diameter
Colours: Silver, Gold, Black and White
Additional: Gems and Glitter for Sparkle and Texture
Ready to hang

Caring for your artwork, only use mild dish soap and water with a microfibre cloth to clean your piece.
Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths or products, as it may scratch the surface of your artwork.
Do not hang in direct sunlight, as it may cause the colours to fade over time.
It is recommended that you hang your piece indoors away from any condensation and moisture, to avoid any warping of the wood backing.

If you would like a similar style of painting in a different colour, please feel free to contact me.
Note, each piece is unique and I while I can create a similar style, I cannot guarantee another piece will be exactly the same.

Free shipping in Australia.
International buyers, please contact me for shipping costs.


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