My Goal Setting and Action Planner for Artists – Undated

My Goal Setting and Action Planner for Artists.


My Goal Setting and Action Planner for Artists.

As a creative, all you think about is getting in your studio or workshop and creating your next masterpiece. Your heart and soul goes into getting it just perfect. You don’t want to think about how to price your art, where to sell it, or how you are going to market it. In an ideal world we would love to be in the studio creating and that somehow the right buyer will miraculously find your work. In reality, this is not going to happen unless you work on your marketing strategy, set yourself goals and create an action plan to meet your targets.

A goal without a plan is just a wish!

This planner is undated, meaning you can start your planner at any time of the year. So whether you want to start in January or at the start of your financial year, we have it covered.

This easy to follow planner will help you explore your ideas and help you create your action plan to achieve your goals.
What’s included:

  • Review of your previous year
  • Look over your sales and figures
  • Yearly, monthly and weekly goal setting
  • Setting daily tasks to keep on track
  • Brain dumping your ideas
  • Creating a mind map to make sense of your ideas
  • Email marketing newsletter ideas
  • Blog post title prompts
  • Tracking your blog posts and video uploads
  • Creating your weekly affirmation
  • Tracking your sales and expenses
  • Reviewing your progress

eBook specifications:
Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
Pages: 280
Print: Black and White

Print this eBook at home or take it to your local stationery store that has printing facilities.
To save on paper, print it on both sides of the paper and then place it in a ring binder for easy storage.

I hope you find this planner to be useful and that by taking action, you too can achieve great success as an artist.

Paperback version coming soon!

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