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Le Rez Matte Epoxy Pigment Paste




Le’ Rez Matte Epoxy Pigment Pastes are highly pigmented colourants which have been specially formulated for use in Epoxy Resin. Le Rez Mica Pigment Powders and Pastes are formulated with raw materials that have been examined, tested and deemed safe by the FDA and can be used with other FDA compliant mediums For applications requiring direct food contact.

Tip: If you find after some time your paste has gone hard, you can reactivate it by applying heat.
Simply place the jar into a bath of warm water and leave it to warm up. Once warm, gently stir the contents and replace the lid.
Please make sure no water gets into the jar. The second and my preferred option is to place the jar in the sun and let the heat from the rays warm it up. Again, once warm, gently stir the contents and replace the lid.

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Weight .21 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 4 cm

Angel White


80g, 150g


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