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Le Rez Glitz and Glam Pigment Powders




Le’ Rez Mica powders are a selection of beautiful Pearlescent and Luster Metal powder pigments made from Mica Flakes coated in minerals which attract as well as reflect the light giving them a pearlescent shimmer. Their strong concealing properties and super fine consistency allows them to mix exceptionally well with mediums such as Resin, glue, varnish, Paint, pastes, and various oils to attain a silky metal luster.

Different shades of color and consistency can be achieved by adding more or less pigment to your medium.

Le Rez Mica Pigment Powders are formulated with raw materials that have been examined, tested and deemed safe by the FDA and can be used with other FDA compliant mediums For applications requiring direct food contact.

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Weight .045 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 6.5 cm

Blue Diamond, Milky Way (Green), New Star (Lilac), Plum Delight, Plum Surprise, Purple Diamond, Purple Spell, Soul Nebula (Green), Star Dust, Starlight Blue, Suncatcher, Supernova (Purple), Mermaid Shimmer


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